2014 Isle of Man TT

As an avid motorcycle racing enthusiast it is hard to contain my excitement as we once again we find ourselves on the eve of the Isle of Man TT races. A fortnight of arguably the greatest races in the world with a large majority of the greatest riders in the world. I’d be very surprised to find a motorcyclist who hasn’t heard of the famous (infamous) IOMTT, however if you happen to be such a person or perhaps have an interest in motorcycling but have yet to discover the IOMTT races, the video below does a pretty damn good job of letting you know what all the fuss is about (make sure to watch it through to the end for some quality on-board John McGuinness footage):

Epic, am I right?

The action starts in just over a day from now and runs from 24th May 2014 through to the 6th June 2014. I’ve thrown the qualifying and race schedules below for the sake of convenience. Please note that all times below are listed in Manx time (British Summer Time [BST]). You can click here to check the time on the island at any stage.

Saturday 24th May
18:20 hrs – 18:45 hrs Solo Newcomers’ speed controlled lap
18:35 hrs – 19:00 hrs Sidecar Newcomers’ speed controlled lap
18:50 hrs – 19:50 hrs Lightweight TT / Newcomers (all solo classes)
19:55 hrs – 20:50 hrs Sidecar
Monday 26th May
18:20 hrs – 19:55 hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20:00 hrs – 20:50 hrs Sidecars
Tuesday 27th May
18:20 hrs – 19:05 hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
19:10 hrs – 19:55 hrs Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all Solo classes)
20:00 hrs – 20:50 hrs Sidecars
Wednesday 28th May
18:20 hrs – 19:55 hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20:00 hrs – 20:50 hrs Sidecars
Thursday 29th May
18:20 hrs – 19:10 hrs Sidecars19:15 hrs
19:55 hrs Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all Solo classes)
20:00 hrs – 20:50 hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
Friday 30th May
18:20 hrs – 19:10 hrs Sidecars
19:15 hrs – 19:50 hrs Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all Solo classes)
19:55 hrs – 20:25 hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20:30 hrs – 20:50 hrs TT Zero Challenge
Saturday 31st May
16:40 hrs – 17:40 hrs Supersport/Lightweight
17:45 hrs – 18:30 hrs TT Zero Challenge
Monday 2nd June
12:30 hrs – 13:00 hrs Sidecars
16:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs TT Zero Challenge
Wednesday 4th June
15:50 hrs – 16:15 hrs Senior TT
16:20 hrs – 16:45 hrs Lightweight

The race schedule is listed below – the official Isle of Man TT website warns that this schedule is “subject to confirmation and may be changed at very short notice”, so I’ll do my best to update this with any alterations they make.

Saturday 31st May
11:00 hrs Superbike TT Race 6 laps
14:00 hrs Sidecar TT Race 1 3 laps
Monday 2nd June
10:45 hrs Supersport TT Race 1 4 laps
14:00 hrs Superstock TT Race 4 laps
Wednesday 4th June
10:45 hrs TT Zero Challenge 1 lap
12:00 hrs TT Supersport Race 2 4 laps
14:30 hrs TT Sidecar Race 2 3 laps
Friday 6th June
10:15 hrs Lightweight TT Race 3 laps
13:00 hrs Senior TT Race 6 laps

It’s an exciting year to watch the Manx TT. Will Michael Dunlop take a cabinet full of trophies home again this year? Will John McGuinness steal the show by matching Mike Hailwood’s record of 7 Senior TT victories? Will the aerodynamics of Cameron Donald’s new beard give him the edge he needs to bring Superbike class glory to us in Australia? So many questions, and many more to be answered over the course of the next fortnight as racing enthusiasts make their annual pilgrimage to Snaefell.

Our Local Jockey, Cameron Donald

Our Local Jockey, Cameron Donald