Let The Shakedown Begin

This build is finally drawing to a close. There are certainly parts to tackle yet, but the motorcycle is now able to be ridden.

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to take her out for her first test run, which was a raging success. Without giving too much away just yet, here are a couple of videos of her sound with the “turnout” mufflers I’ve elected to go for and a peak at her first take-off:

Trying my best to put bias aside; the feeling of riding this motorcycle is insanely awesome.

While the test ride was a great success, there is still some work to do in the way of tuning. At this stage, I have the left barrel running rather rich, which results in a rather vibrant pyrotechnics display:

I’ll be the first to admit that the flames are cool, however I think something that might be cooler is the idea of keeping the calf section of my left leg…

Ready For Shakedown

Ready For Shakedown

A bunch more and hopefully the finished product/debut to come very soon!