The Electrics

The 1977 Honda CT125 wiring diagram... Simple as far as motorcycle wiring goes... Still a headache!

The 1977 Honda CT125 wiring diagram… Simple as far as motorcycle wiring goes… Still a headache!

We’ve just reached the stage where it is almost time to kick over the Honda CT125, but first, we must wait on the appropriate battery to arrive in the post! We’ve placed an order for not one, but four 6V4AH batteries to fit the Honda CT125.

“Four batteries?!” I hear you ask? Why yes, four, you heard correctly. The seller is located interstate and had a “lot job” of these four batteries for sale for a very, very reasonable price! We placed the order yesterday, so we anticipate the batteries either tomorrow or by the end of the week at latest. We’ll need to fill the batteries, as they are shipped “dry”, but they are apparently the exact variety required for the Honda CT125 – they are part number 6N4C-1B as designated in the Honda workshop manual.

Fingers crossed plugging one of these bad-boys in, then kicking the Honda over yields results! We shall soon find out!