Well… I’m Back.

Two and a half years since I showed my face in this old place… Wow.

I’m sorry… Well, I’m not really… Okay, maybe a little… But I promise it was for the right reasons!┬áLife happened, hard.

Following the completion of my beloved 1986 BMW R80 (affectionately dubbed, “Bundesadler”), I took an extended break from building custom motorcycles. I had lost a big part of the passion, and knew that I needed to take a step back to prevent the fire from dying altogether. I had realised that years of building motorcycles had me riding them less, and less. I was growing sick and tired of watching those around me enjoy riding, while I was stuck wrenching on old basket cases. Almost three years later, and I’ve made up for lost time – a big part of what I loved about building motorcycles has returned.

1986 BMW R80 “Bundesadler” at the 2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, in Sydney, Australia.

I really miss that motorcycle…

A very short while after completing the “Bundesadler” project, I enjoyed a short week-long tour on her, up into rural Queensland, Australia. I returned, and participated in the 2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, in Sydney, Australia. Shortly thereafter, I made the (tough) decision to sell her on.

Since that day, I’ve spent time enjoying my 2009 Yamaha R1.

Dudley and Tom getting up to no good.

Making some clouds…

A little moisture never hurt anyone [taken during Sydney's Stormageddom]

A little moisture never hurt anyone [taken during Sydney’s Stormageddom]

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