Yet Another Project

No sooner had I published my previous post regarding hunting for a runabout of sorts did this little thumper turn up…

I managed to snag her for a very reasonable price, and with 7 months registration remaining on it, I decided to take the plunge. I picked her up from a nice bloke down in the Manly area (of the Northern Beaches, Sydney) and was pleasantly surprised to ride her comfortably home this afternoon!

I have never previously owned any motorcycles with such a laid back seating position, so it came as a shock when test riding the bike – lifting my feet and almost finding myself using the pillion pegs instead! That been said, it really didn’t take all too long to adapt to the great differences between this bike and my daily 2009 Yamaha R1 commuter. It did put a grin on my face the whole way home, riding this bike… As much as I’m sure this partially relates to the miniature ape hangers that the bike has, and the feeling of riding a bike with this seating position, I do look forward to changing this out for a far more “racey” layout soon. The single-cylinder motor makes one hell of an obnoxious racket, which is (probably) more realistically the reason for the cheesy grin that adorned my face upon stepping off her as I arrived home.

The 1984 Kawasaki KZ250 Down In Manly

Moving forward – this bike will serve as my “summer runabout” of sorts and will undergo a drastic aesthetic transformation throughout.