About Me

My name is Tom, and I’m obsessed.

Since you’re here, I think its safe to assume that we share a passion for all things motorcycle. It is for this reason that I’ll share a bit about myself and my addiction.

My love for motorcycles wasn’t realised until I left school. I worked in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for a small IT company a while back and the monotony of commuting to and from the office at the mercy of Sydney’s traffic eventually got to me. I had close friends that had been riding motorcycles for years and without going into too much detail, I took the plunge. My mum stopped speaking to me for a month and I unofficially moved in with my girlfriend of the time.

I bought myself a Kawasaki 250 and rode the tits off it. I tossed it down the road a couple of times and earned a few scars as proof. My stupidity on two wheels decreased and I came out of my learners permit a far more experienced rider.

Fast forward several years; I don’t own a car, I build motorcycles in every spare moment I get, and my most anticipated holiday of every year is not my Birthday or Christmas, it’s the week or two I take off of work annually to commence my pilgrimage to and from Phillip Island for the MotoGP weekend.

I don’t want to bore you with an autobiography, so I’ll leave it there. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site! (get a load of this guy [below])


Atop Rene9ade Custom Motorcycles With “Rench”