Rene9ade BBQ

Ren’s farewell BBQ on Sunday was the perfect way to wrap up a weekend. Due to the sheer amount of motorcycles and people who attended, I didn’t manage to take many photos at all. That said, the shenanigans weren’t in short supply… As compensation for the lack of photos, I’ve thrown three short “farewell burnout” videos below taken from the event – enjoy!

As mentioned; the day was overrun with an insane amount of motorcycles parked all around the workshop carpark. A barrel fire roared in a 44 gallon drum the whole day and night while everyone did their best to stay warm. Loads of bike talk as everyone shared triumphs and tribulations from their latest builds… My BMW R80 even got some attention (in its unfinished state) hahaa!

As you can imagine, the antics left very limited time for any progress on the BMW R80 build… I’ll be playing “catch up” this week!